• Video Memes and TV Shows Video Memes and TV Shows

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    The first part of the parody of the favorite TV shows of millions, including Dr. House, SpongeBob,...

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    Rating Views 50K

    A new series of trolling and jokes on popular Americans from different eras. The game consists ...

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  • Video Memes and TV Shows 2 Video Memes and TV Shows 2

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    A variety of TV shows on screens, an abundance of popular videos on monitors - all this did ...

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  • USA 2 USA 2

    Rating Views 38K

    The second part of the American adventure will make fun of famous politicians and Hollywood ...

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  • Horror 2 Horror 2

    Rating Views 47K

    How to turn horror stories into funny adventures? It is enough to complete all the levels ...

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Description and rules

Horror movies cause fear and excitement for many, but not in the Horror game with TrollFace, which turns horror into comedy. Meet face to face and make fun of maniacs, monsters, killers and other protagonists of the Saw, Gremlins, Scream, Alien, Frankenstein and other films. Unique 16 levels are filled with illogical jokes and require completely unpredictable sequences of actions from the player.

Use hints to easily complete each level of the game. To increase the number of tips, just watch a short commercial.