• Troll Cannon Troll Cannon

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    Troll Cannon is that special combination of gaming genres that will make everyone love playing ...

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  • Trollface Quest 13 Trollface Quest 13

    Rating Views 6K

    Some people say that 13 is the number that brings some bad luck! However, it’s definitely ...

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  • Troll Face Quest 12 Troll Face Quest 12

    Rating Views 8K

    We all love some internet memes. They are funny and smart and are making us smile so often....

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  • Troll Face Quest 10 Troll Face Quest 10

    Rating Views 9K

    Is that another quest game like thousands of those you’ve already tried? Oh no, that’s ...

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  • Troll Tale Troll Tale

    Rating Views 6K

    Ready to participate in creating the great Troll legend? The mysterious fairy tale starts ...

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TrollFace Quest

  • Trollface Quest 7

    Trollface Quest 7 Play
  • Trollface Quest 1

    Trollface Quest 1 Play
  • Trollface Quest 2

    Trollface Quest 2 Play
  • Troll Face Quest 8

    Troll Face Quest 8 Play
  • Troll Face Quest 9

    Troll Face Quest 9 Play
  • Troll Face Quest 10

    Troll Face Quest 10 Play
  • Trollface Quest 6

    Trollface Quest 6 Play
  • Troll Face Quest 12

    Troll Face Quest 12 Play
  • Troll Face Quest 11

    Troll Face Quest 11 Play
  • Trollface Quest 3

    Trollface Quest 3 Play
  • Trollface Quest 5

    Trollface Quest 5 Play
  • Trollface Quest 13

    Trollface Quest 13 Play
  • Troll Tale

    Troll Tale Play
  • Trollface Quest 4

    Trollface Quest 4 Play
  • Troll Adventures

    Troll Adventures Play
  • Trollface Defense

    Trollface Defense Play
  • Troll Cannon

    Troll Cannon Play
  • Trollface Launch 2

    Trollface Launch 2 Play
  • Trollface Launch

    Trollface Launch Play
  • Booger Rush

    Booger Rush Play
  • Sniper for Hire: Trollday

    Sniper for Hire: Trollday Play
  • Troll Football Cup

    Troll Football Cup Play
  • Troll Hunter

    Troll Hunter Play
  • Kick Out YTroll

    Kick Out YTroll Play
  • Whack a Troll

    Whack a Troll Play
  • Xmas Troll Cannon

    Xmas Troll Cannon Play
  • Roll a Troll

    Roll a Troll Play
Trollface Meme Faces

Welcome to The Gaming Heaven of the Trollface Fans!

What can be better than another funny Trollface Quest release? Perhaps a selected game collection from creators of the cult software?

Trollface is more than just another flash game. It’s a new concept in the world of entertaining software. A little revolt against boring games of the same type. If the collection shall be described with one word, this word would be ‘different’. The developers managed to create something absolutely fresh and authentic. This game series has no analogies in the world and if you never played it before - you have a great chance to wonder, trying it here, on our site.

How the Trollface Game Differs From Others

  • Puzzles you can never guess easily! Most game quests can be easily solved if you have developed critical thinking or some experience in gaming. Trollface goes beyond any logical explanations. The quests can’t be solved with any known algorithm! All you can do is to try all possible solutions, clicking digital objects in all locations of the game!
  • Sparkling humor! The game is just funny! It’s created to laugh and to make your mood better. It’s enough to try a couple of levels to understand that. There are no banal jokes, only some lambent creative humor, known memes and fresh pranks.
  • Interesting design! Troll Face Quest series is excellent: smooth animation, great graphics, easy controls. However, what is really impressive is how successful simple and minimalistic the design looks in the game. You won’t find very complicated, realistic images with carefully drawn details here. All characters of the game look exactly as if you draw them with your pen in an old copybook.
  • Very modern concept! The game is developed for those who love modern cinematography, music, popular computer games and youtubers. Most Trollface pranked “victims” are hits of today’s world of entertainment. Launching new parts of the game, you can never see some repeated puzzles or characters. Each part differs from others!

There’s always a reason to try all Trollface Quest series games! They are bright, unique and extremely entertaining! Play them all on our site or choose the one to be your number one favourite!

TrollFace Quests